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Winter Joy and December Daily | by Marie-Pierre Capistran

Hello Pretty Little Studio fans!

I’m not sure if I’m the only one still working on my December Daily?! Show of hands?!

But anyway, even if I am, a girl has to do what she got to do! So here I am, working at a slow and steady pace, toward my goal to finish this album. Because I absolutely ADORE all the ones I finished years before. 🙂

I started by album using whatever supplies I had on hand and I came back from my vacation in Canada with a suitcase full of my Winter Joy collection so you can bet that the rest of my album is filled with these lovely products! 😀 Here’s a peek inside my album:


My way to roll this year was to forget about the numbered days. I knew I was going to be REALLY busy in December and the numbers, to me, would be only a limitation, so I preferred to put it aside. What I did though, is stamp the dates somewhere on each page/story. The stories are not all in chronological order. I went with what worked for the story I was telling.

I kept my layouts pretty simple and I wanted to get the focus on the stories so there is quite a lot of journaling throughout my album. Here I journaled on the back of a Christmas card I received. I simply added a gold foiled snowflake die cut (and a heart sticker that I used to cover a mistake! oops) and I called it good.

I varied the pocket page styles. And then worked within the pocket, adding labels to add some snippets of journaling of full cards to add longer journaling.

When I created the collection, I kept in mind that I am a journaler and I created lots of cards with space to write! I was happy with that decision when it was time to put my stories down on paper. That ombre card is one of my favorites! Not sure if you can see that little tab up there? it’s all gold foiled and it’s really pretty. Oh and I stamped the date on that card.

These small tags are perfect to add more to the stories.

Two more cards with lots of space to journal!

I use the two little penguins in love to journal about a time we could leave the kids with my parents in law and just spend a couple of hours together, my husband and I. It’s a subtle hint that probably only me will notice when looking through the album.

I added twine to this cute candy cane die cut and sprinkled some red sequins at the bottom of the photo. I was tempted to leave them loose in the pocket but finally decided to glue them down.

I absolutely love how the gold foiled cards turned out. They are great to act as a title for the page.

I was a little bit afraid to cut into my title card, but it finally turned out lovely. I really love the red foil!! I added a small die cut to the card. On my photo down there I took advantage of the white space to add a long label and some die cuts. We were working on building gingerbread houses for the kids and their parents to decorate on the day of the party. I stitched through the label and the glittery star. It adds a cute touch to the page.

This wooden background card is another good one to write on. It’s fairly dark but we can still read easily and it adds so much warmth to the page.

I added a flair showing a bit of the kid’s excitement when I visited their class.

Now, this is a 6×6 patterned paper that I cut down to 4×6. I thought it was lovely to add bits of journaling in the empty spaces. I also created a title with the sticker letters that I stitched onto the paper. If I had had less stories to tell, I could have add a die cut in of of those spaces.

Here I cut down in 2 a page protectors with 4 3×4 pockets so that I would have only 2 pockets. I wanted to add so many pictures on the left side and didn’t have room to journal so that was my solution.

I used the top pocket to make a cute shaker pocket with lots of sequins in red, gold and silver. I also found die cuts of the same shapes that I could adhere back to back and have them show on both sides of the pocket. Here I have a watercolored tree which is backed with a gold foiled tree and I have a gold peppermint candy backed with a pink watercolored peppermint candy.

here is the back pocket:

When I make shaker pockets like this one, I try to be mindful of what it will look like with the photo being it. Here it works perfectly. The sequins are kind of creating a frame for the picture of my husband and my daughter.

Here is the full page:

A nice way to add the date are these tiny label stickers!!

Now, this might be less pretty, but this year I received a lot of pieces of papers that were, to me, worth adding to the album! We now live in the Czech Republic for the first time and with that come lots of new traditions and things and the language is something new to us so I thought it is fun to add as much as I can!

This here is a paper the girls received when Mikulas (some sort of Santa Claus who comes at the beginning of December and brings nuts and clementines and candies) came to their school. It was an activity day and really, they all knew that the PE teacher was in disguise, but still the devil tried to catch the girls who were apparently running for their lives! The image is really sweet and on the other side of the paper you see a mark that the devil left on the paper (on the photo on the left, you see the marks that the devil left on Arielle’s face!) lol I added a large label and a golden snowflake to record the story.

This is the other side.

I added a tiny sticker label to point to the devil’s mark.

On the right I journaled on a postcard Maya received on cultural week from a classmate from Slovakia. Postcards are just the best to tell more of the stories! I added a red foiled tab at the top.

This is the other side of the postcard and a sheet from the czech teacher explaining the Christmas celebrations happening in December in the Czech Republic.

Then I added the Christmas cards my daughters made me and gave me with the gingerbread cookies they made in Czech class. I’m not done working with them so I’ll leave it to that for now and maybe share more on my next post.

Here is the last page I want to share with you today. Again, I cut down a page proctor in half to hold only 2 photos here and 2 journaling cards on the back. I wanted that pink calendar to show.

I stitched a red tab and a “hello Elf” die cut to the side of the page protector.

That story is all about our elf! How the girls are so happy to look for “harmony” in the morning and to check in on her every now and then during the day, and how Maya was SO afraid one when I said, “oh yeah, she just moved”! lol

The pink calendar was on our wall and everyday we placed a star on it, until the day we left for our vacation in Canada.

I love the gold throughout the album!!

So voilà!

That was a lot of things to say and a lot of pictures to share! Tell me where you’re standing regarding your December album. I hope this could inspire you to finish it maybe? Or at least to get back at it if you havent finished it!! 🙂



Products used:

Winter Joy Collection: Die Cut| Dear Santa, Joy Labels, Noel Blanc, Noel Blanc Gold, Cocoa Tags; Flair| Santa’s Coming, Winter Joy; Journaling Cards| Christmas Friends, Christmas Joy, Christmas Magic, Stay Warm Metallic; Paper Pack| Santa’s Coming 6×6; Stickers| Dear Santa Mini, Mini ABC Frosty, Mini ABC Rudolph, Mini ABC Holly Green, Labels Twinkle; Tabs | Winter joy.