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Jodi Wilton

Tell us a little about yourself. I live in a small town near Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. I have three amazing kiddos- two girls: Jordan (7) and Taylor (1) and one “monkey” boy- Josh. I have been married to my husband for 8 years, and lucky for me, he supports my scrapbooking hobby addiction. I have the pleasure of running my own home daycare- Luv-a-Lot Daycare and have the best job, where I can play, color and be with kids all day.

When did you start scrapbooking? I started scrapbooking, when I began working on a cruise ship in 1998. I wanted a way to document my travels, and hobby that I could do when I wasn’t working. I really didn’t become a serious scrapper though until my sister tragically passed away in a car accident, and I wanted a way from kids to remember her by. Scrapbooking has helped me remember many funny moments that her and I had and has been very healing.
What is your style? I find my style is always changing, but I always tend to go for clean lines with a whimsical feel.

When do you find time to scrap? I always find time to scrap every day. It is a HUGE stress reliever in my life. During nap time in the daycare, I may work on a project, read scrappy blogs, or edit photos. The majority of my scrapping takes place after my three kids are in bed and I have some time to myself. Some nights, I am so involved in what I am creating, I may stay up into the wee hours of the morniing.

What is your favorite PLS product? I wish I could say ALL of it, but if I had to choose just one- I would choose the Garland Flags! I am big into banners right now, and PLS has so many fun ones to use!

Where to you get your inspiration? I find inspiration everywhere! I love looking at fun color combos, and more recently since I scrap my kids the most, I often look at their clothes for inspiration! I love some the fun whimsical designs that some of them have! In addition, I also surf many personal scrapbooking blogs, as well as interior design blogs.

What is your favorite color to scrapbook? I tend to lean to towards fun, bright and happy colors. Top choice would be red followed by a close yellow.

List 5 fun facts about you.
I can wear my pajamas to work every day(lucky me!)
I am secretly a “bin” addict. I love to organize everything into to bins, and I tend to buy bins even when I don’t need them.
I met my husband while working on Princess Cruises (the Love Boat). He was a musician, and I was in charge of the Kid’s Activities.
I lived in New Zealand with my husband for a year.
Even though I love to be organized, I can’t seem to keep my clothes off the floor, or make my bed every morning!

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