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Cheryl Leong

Tell us a little about yourself. I’m from sunny Malaysia and currently a university student taking Degree in Psychology and Business studies. I love papers, patterns and pretty stuffs especially in colour series.

When did you start scrapbooking? I started with mini albums (or rather bigger ones:)) on 2009, then making lay outs last year.

What is your style? You’ll see crumpled pieces and ripped papers, fussy cuttings, patterns, ink splatters, layerings and sometimes a bit of texture like fabric and laces, yummy! and I love to use leftover scraps. I don’t really know how to describe my style, but some said it is clean and of simplicity.

When do you find time to scrap? When I think it’s the right time, ha!

What is your favorite PLS product? Oh dear, a hard one, lemme think…… I’ll go for papers and journaling cards.

Where to you get your inspiration? Pinterest and other scrapper’s blog.

What is your favorite color to scrapbook? Yellow, cream, and white.

List 5 fun facts about you.
My scrap table is also my study table, so it’s a bit dangerous with all those scrapbook supplies around when I’m studying.
I can stare at beautiful papers and not using them until the next CHA arrives.
I love the smell of new papers. ya, weirdo!
I’m indecisive and sometimes wasting time to make things perfect.
I think I have to retype everything again… … …

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