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Renee Zwirek

Tell us a little about yourself: Hi, I’m Renee Zwirek! I live in Aurora, Illinois with my husband, Chris, and my two sweet little girls, Caitie (age 6) and Payton (age 4). I started scrapbooking in 2005 after Caitie was born. I started with my Baby Shower Scrapbook using a Classic Winnie-the-Pooh theme. I would describe my current style as clean and fun whimsy. I do change it up sometimes to go with the mood of my photos.

When do you find time to scrap: Now that my girls are older, I can scrap while they play together or while the girls are playing with daddy. I also scrap at night after the girls go to bed…I’m a night owl.

What is your favorite PLS product: I love it all! My favorites are the flashcards, bingo cards, and tags.

Where do you get your inspiration: I get my inspiration from my girls, my photos, music, movies, fellow scrapbookers, Pinterest and the Internet, scrapbooking magazines, catalogs and magazines, nature…in other words…Everything!

What is your favorite color to scrapbook: This is a tough question to answer. Even though my favorite color is red, I love scrapping with all colors!

List 5 fun facts about you:

  • I went to school and became a Chiropractor! I totally worked the wrong side of my brain.
  • My husband and I celebrate 10 years of marriage this year!
  • I LOVE food…especially BBQ!
  • My favorite movies are the Harry Potter Saga, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Twilight. I have all these movies (so far) on DVD and usually rotate them during my workouts on the treadmill. I LOVE horror movies and usually check to see what’s on the Chiller Channel after the girls go to bed. I also LOVE old movies on the Turner Classic Movie Channel.
  • I have never had a cavity. Wait…did I just jinx that!?

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