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Card Tutorial


  • Prepare a white card as the base.
  • Cut the Sand Dunes paper’s ‘measuring tape into strips that fits your card.

  • Pick one of the cute polaroid frames, and use the blade to cut the centre piece out. We’ll be using the frame and the cute illustration.

  • Use the Swim Suit paper to cut the top part of a tag, I used this paper because the patterns are scaled smaller. Then add a colored reinforcer to the tag.
  • Stick all of the Sand Dunes paper strips on the card base, layer a journaling card, the polaroid frame, Antique Store garland flag circle and smaller Sand Castle garland flag circle with a bow. Tug the tag behind the journaling card, and add some butterfly stickers below.

  • Cut the hexagons out from the Sand Dollar paper.
  • Stick them in fun ways inside the card and remember to add the cute Polaroid illustration!

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