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Embellishing Butterfly Stickers

  • For a simple butterfly, take a 4 in piece of wire and fold in in the middle (I used gauge 26). String a large bead onto the wire to make the head, and bend the “antennae” a little. Then, add three smaller beads to make the body.

  • Wrap the excess wire around the butterfly sticker to secure it. Then, string one small bead onto each antenna.

  • Here are some examples I created for this tutorial, using different kinds of beads.

  •  Now, if you loved this technique and would like to go a step further, here is a more complex version:
  • 1.- Cut a 5 in piece of wire and form a “bow”, following the shape of the butterfly’s wings. String small beads through the wire. Wrap the wire around the center.

  • Cut two 2 in piece of wire and bend them to form the bottom wings. String small beads through the wire. Then, string three large beads for the body through both pieces of wire, and finish with a larger bead for the head. Then, make the antennae.

  • You can use glue dots or a glue gun to attach both beaded wire pieces to the sticker body. These are the butterflies I created using this method:

June 29, 2012 - 3:11 pm

Hilde Janbroers - wow, this is sooooo cute!! Thanks for the great tutorial!

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