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Mom’s Day Card


  • We’ll first prepare a spiral heart for the card.
    Cut two pieces from Timeless paper with the exact size. Mine was 3″ x 3″.

  • Apply glue on the back side of one of the square paper.

  • You will have a double sided paper now!

  • Draw a heart shape on the paper.

  • Cut the shape out and you’ll have a double sided pattern heart.

  •  Trace a spiral heart with a pencil.

  • Follow the spiral and cut it, you’ll have a spiral heart now.

  • Next, we’ll be making a dimensional doily flower.
    Fold a doily into half, but not creasing it. Just lightly press the doily in the middle and add some glue inside the folded doily. You’ll have to becareful by not pressing it, or else the doily would not turn out dimensional.

  • Fold from the right to the left side about three quarters and add a bit of glue again. Remember not to press the doily or crease it, just press it in the middle will do:)

  • Make another 3 with the same steps, and layer all four side by side sticking them down to the right side of the card.

  • Stick the center of the spiral heart to the centre of the doily.

  • You could add a circle tag to the spiral heart if you want too.

  • I added a calendar card on the left, then stick the ends of the spiral heart on top.

  • Fussy cut some flowers from the Keepsakes paper Classics and paper, stick them arond your doily flower.

  • You know how awesome the Pretty Little Studio products are for a card, so use them to embellish the entire card. Good to give my mom now!

June 25, 2012 - 9:38 am

Cynthia Lloréns - Wow!!!!!!!!!!This is a STUNNING card and all the details pefect!!

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