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Christmas Tags with Sleeves



Christmas is right around the corner and these are quick, easy gift tags that would spruce up any present.





  • Materials needed:
    PLS Shipping tags
    Small, circular punch
    Twine or string

  • Step one:
    Measure your shipping tag. The one I’m using for as an example measures about 2″ wide and 4″ high. Make sure your measurement doesn’t exceed the hole for the string. Measure as high up as you want your tag cover to go.

  • Step two:
    Cut a piece of card stock for your tag sleeve. You want it to be a little more than double the width of your tag and about 1/2″ to 1/4″ wider than the measurement of your tag. These measurements don’t have to be spot on either.

  • Step three:
    Align your tag up with the piece of card stock you cut out. Make sure it is centered and in the position you want it to be once it is all folded.

  • Step four:
    Fold each side of your card stock in, making sure each fold lines are up against your shipping tag. You want your tag to be snug in its sleeve so it doesn’t fall out.

  • Step 5:
    Unfold your card stock and remove your tag. Take your circular punch and punch about a 1/2 circle at the top of your card stock. As you can see I didn’t have a perfect circle punch that size, so I dug out my other punches that were small enough to do the trick. Switch it up-experiment with different punches and shapes!

  • Step 6:
    Place your shipping tag back on the card stock, in place where you want it to be and cut two slits, on both folds, on what is going to be the bottom of your sleeve.

  • Step 7: Cut horizontal silts on either side of your sleeve so they match up with the vertical slits you made in step 6. You can make diagonal cuts on this bottom flap like I did, too.

  • Step 8:
    Fold one of the larger flaps over. Add a thin line of adhesive on the inside of your next flap and fold it over. Lastly, add adhesive on your bottom flap and fold that one up.

  • Step 9:
    Insert shipping tag and embellish!

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