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December Daily Tutorial

Have you been seeing all the December Daily options lately? I have caught the fever! My December Daily enthusiasm and our recent move has me thinking about Christmas past, in particular our lovely Christmas back in 2009 and Pretty Little Studio is the best product to help me remember this wonderful time. Have you been thinking about Christmas past lately? Or perhaps Christmas future? Use this lovely tutorial to help you record your favorite holiday times!

1. For the front cover I used the Santa from the Jingle Bells Vintage Cutout Sheet and my initial.

2. For the second page I used a Christmas Star Notebook Tag to record our happy times.

3. I wanted the background of the star tag to have a pattern so I used the Christmas Parade pattern paper and cut and adhered it to the back of the Christmas Star Notebook Tag. I also used the “Cheer” card from the Jolly Santa Bingo Card’s, with green baker twine and star pins for a decorative page.

4. I used mists for accents on the white backround and the peppermint tag from the Jolly Santa Shipping Tag’s for the next pages. I loved using various font stickers throughout the album!

A pretty doily makes the next page. I also printed all my photos in black and white, notice the journaling on the bottom of each photo? I always copy my photos into word and insert text boxes below the picture to accomplish this technique. Then simply use word to print on photo paper and cut apart. This is super fast and super easy.

I took two Peppermint Journaling Note Cards and stitched them together to create the front and back of the next page. I then custom cut and stitched a glassine bag to fit the Peppermint Journaling Note Cards like a pocket. Using the glassine envelope pocket is a great way to slide your journaling in and out and presents an interesting technique and medium for your album. To complete the back of the wooden ornament I embossed the back with glitter ice as I did the front and added lettering.

8. I used a transparent background for this page and added a small square from the Christmas Cookies pattern paper. This particular page features a cut-out from the Christmas Cookies pattern paper of a boy with blonde hair and a little brunette girl, just like Mr. C and I!

9. This page features mists, pom-pom fringe stitched on with the sewing machine and a happy photo of our 2009 gingerbread house.

10. The final page, which I love is one of the 4×4 inch squares from the Merry Christmas pattern paper with the words, “Next Year!”

11. To complete the album I punched a small hole into the left hand corner of each page and used embroidery thread to tie the ablum together.

I hope this tutorial helps you out with your Christmas memories. I love this album, and the best part? You can use it as an ornament on the tree!



What memories new or old are you looking forward to recording this year? Please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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