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How to Create a Chevron Background

Today I am going to share with you how easy it is to make the quilting pattern background seen in the out of the box challenge earlier this month. The process is super easy and simple.

First cut six 3/4″ x 6″ (approximately) strips, If you would like a longer quilt pattern simply ensure that you add an additional 1/2″ to the completed length as portions will be removed in later steps.

Cut approximately ten 1/2″ strips. I used a mixture of papers from the Scaredy Cat collection in both the 8″x8″ size and 4″x4″ size for my 1/2″ strips.

Apply double stick tape along the length of one 3/4″ strip and begin adhering the 1/2″ paper strips at the angle you prefer. I used my eyes to estimate an angle approximately 45 degrees. After adhering the first 1/2″ strip use it as a guide for the application of the remaining 1/2″ strips until the covered 3/4″ strip has reached the length you like.

Cut off the top and bottom portion of the 3/4″ strip to form the quilt pattern angles using the first and last 1/2″ strips as a guide.

Turn the 3/4″ strip over so that the back side is facing you. Carefully remove the overhanging 1/2″ strips using the 3/4″ strip as a guide. It is very important to cut this as accurately as possible.

Use the first strip as a guide to mark the angles for the remainder of the 3/4″ strips. Remember to flip half of the 3/4″ strips so that the angle goes in the opposite direction to make the quilted “points.”

Repeat steps three, four and five until you have completed all 3/4″ strips.

Apply tape to the background paper and align the completed 3/4″ strips to form the quilt pattern.

Finish your project using the quilted background and enjoy!













When using this tutorial remember that changing the size of the 3/4″ or 1/2″ strips will dramatically change the look of your quilted background. For example check out this card I created using the same quilt pattern technique. For this card I used eight 1/2″ strips instead of six 3/4″ strips for a more delicate result.

We would love to see how you use this quilted background technique, please share your inspired creations on our Pretty Little Studio facebook page for everyone to enjoy!





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