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Birthday Crown

Last year, we bought a store-bought birthday crown for my oldest daughter, who is very much a kid at heart.  She loved it so much that I decided to make a birthday crown for her this year – and my Pretty Little Studio Collections had just what I needed to make it!

  • A headband with a wide surface (I chose an old fabric covered one that my youngest daughter no longer used);
  • Mod Podge and a paintbrush or sponge applicator
  • A strong adhesive (I use Glossy Accents which hardens to a cement like consistency once it dries);
  • (6) 8×8 Pretty Little Studio papers;
  • (3) 12×12 cardstock;
  • Punches and Die Cutting Tools;
  • Tags, Numbers, and Vintage Die-Cuts from Pretty Little Studio;
  • Flowers, enamel dots, star confetti; and
  • Several pieces of ribbon and bead trim.

First, I cut out 3 triangles using 2 sheets of cardstock.  My middle triangle is about an inch taller than the two side ones to give it more focus; however, you can make all 3 triangles the same size if you wish.

I used the remaining piece of cardstock to make my two frames for my Pretty Little Studio Vintage Die Cut monkey and duck.  I created my frames with my Silhouette, but you can use any die cutting tool or even trace and cut a shape that you like.

Once I had my “foundation” cardstock shapes, it was time to cover them.  I used three pieces of 8×8 paper to cover my triangles.  I cut them into irregular shapes and glued them, collage style, over my cardstock triangles, making sure the edges slightly overlapped so that the cardstock was completely covered.  I then used two pieces of 8×8 papers, cut them into the same shape as my cardstock frames, and glued each paper shape on top of each cardstock shape. Once this was done, I glued my monkey diecut and my duck diecut to the front of each frame.  I used my final sheet of 8×8 paper to create a border along the base of each triangle.  Note:  I later decided to glue two number tags to the front of my larger triangle, but you would ideally add this step here.  When I finished these steps, my project looked like this:

Once I had everything glued to my cardstock shapes, I coated each piece with mod podge.  After the mod podge had sufficient time to dry thoroughly, it was time to put all the pieces together!  First, I glued the frames with my die cut shapes to the smaller two triangles.  Next I adhered one of my smaller triangles to the headband, which was liberally covered with Glossy Accents, making sure to line up the bottom of the triangle to the bottom of the headband and the back corner of the triangle to the edge of the headband, like this:


It is important at this step to apply pressure to each piece or even use some sort of clamp or heavy weight until the Glossy Accents dries sufficiently to bond each crown piece to the headband.  Once the first piece was glued in place, I repeated the process with the second smaller triangle at the opposite end of the headband.  Finally, I placed the larger triangle in the middle, overlapping the two smaller triangles on each side.

After the pieces were glued in place, the last remaining step was to decorate my crown.  I used a Star journaling tag for the point of my center triangle and two smaller stars created with a punch for my smaller triangles.  I added a layer of pom-pom trim to the base of my crown and then added a second row of bead trim on top of that.  I finally added a third row of decoration to the crown base by alternating pieces of enamel dots and birthday cake circle tags.  The very last step was to glue tiny silver star confetti pieces to my numbers, my monkey die cut and my duck die cut so that my crown looked like this:


April 5, 2013 - 9:38 pm

chark - this is the cutest party ever!

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