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Technique Challenge

Technique Challenge: Sprinkles
Source:  The Fancy

When I looked at the inspiration photo, the sprinkles reminded me of polka dots, so I knew I wanted to incorporate polka-dotted patterns into my project.  Lately, I have seen various graphic art photos and wall hangings at retail stores, but they seemed overpriced (especially for mass produced art) and I always passed them up thinking, “I could make that.”  The PLS inspiration photo gave me just the push I needed to do that!

To create my foundation, I cut the top off a cardboard box, creating a 9″ x 9″ square.  I ripped the very top layer off to expose the corrugated surface underneath and painted it white – making sure to leave a few areas exposed for a distressed look.  While my paint was drying, I used an 8″ x 8″ paper from the Birthday Cake Collection with a nice neutral graph background in the same creamy white color as the inspiration photo, which I cut down to 7.5″ x 7.5″  I sewed my polka-dotted garland circles (which reminded me of the confetti) in four rows across my paper, making sure to alternate the directions of the fold lines, and I added punched hearts, flowers, and tiny wooden veneer arrows in a pattern across my circles.  I put pop dots behind my punched flowers and hearts to create more dimension.  I loved the celebrate banner that is included with the Birthday Cake banners but I already had it earmarked for another project.  So, I simply traced it onto a different paper from my Birthday Cake paper pack to make another banner.

I added another paper, also from the Birthday Cake Collection, behind my finished “artwork” as matting, and I glued everything down onto my painted cardboard.  I decided to mount my project on a 12″ x 12″ wood square frame, purchased at a hobby store, that I also painted.

OK-this was more of a challenge that I thought (OOTB):)Love doing decor, but once I get an idea in my head, I have a hard time admitting failure! The cup with an insert that I started with was scrapped. Ever try to take a picture of a cup with a design more than just RIGHT in front/center? LOL!

Embroidery hoops. There is no shortage of inspiration using them with fabric, or even paper. (Paper in a hoop can be a challenge. A couple tips. Make sure you are working with a piece of paper bigger than what would be pinched between the hoops, but not so big that your working too much excess. There will be some bumps and imperfections. For me, that is expected, or it isn’t “art”! ) . I got a set of three hoops, this being the smallest one, at a vintage shop for $2. Around here, we are craving spring. The sun is very welcome!

We are wishing for warmer days… and marveling how quickly Easter is approaching! Speaking of wishes, I thought some pieces from the Birthday Cake line coordinated nicely with some Hopscotch and Easter journaling bracket to make this lil decor item! I do not have a lot of Easter decoration, but something like this can hang around all spring!

Thanks for stopping by! I would love to see some embroidery hoop inspiration! Share what you have seen or have created!

I was so excited to see this challenge! I was first inspired by the clear bowl that the cake sticks are in..it inspired me to create a clear/transparent card.   Then, my mind raced to the sprinkles and it made me think of confetti as sprinkles…and the color combo of white, red, blue, yellow..LOVED that, too.  So this is what I designed with the inspiration photo in mind.

I used 8 1/2 x 11 transparency film and cut it down to 6 x 8 and created a crease to create the base of the card.  I cut another piece of film to 4 x 6 and and sewed it to the back of the front of the card on three sides (left, bottom and right).  Using a standard hole punch, I punched some of the Birthday Cake papers and put them into the pocket I had created on the card.  I added the Happy Birthday Wishful Paper Ribbon piece for a little more impact.

I then slid in the Celebrate Bingo card.  I put a glue dot behind it where I knew it would be covered by the image on the inside of the card.  Then I sewed up the card with a double row of stitching to keep all the glitter secure.  Using an exacto knife, I cut a little slit in the film so that I could thread the ribbon through it and then tied a knot. I added the twine and made little birthday banners with toothpicks and the banner diecuts.

For the inside, I added the “your special day” Birthday Kid Polaroid Frame card on the left and on the right, a Party Favor Bookmark Tag with a “make a wish” Celebrate Tab on top.

Thanks for letting me share today!  Have a wonderful day! Lisa


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